Alliance Fitness Center presents...

The All Fit Challenge is an 8-week comprehensive wellness program designed to inspire you to take action towards improving your health.

For individuals who have tried extreme fitness programs and restrictive diets that just didn't work.
For people who are tired of being tired and are more than ready to regain their energy back.
For those who are ready to make sustainable habit changes that will last well beyond our 8-weeks together.

The next round begins in April!

Join the waitlist now for early registration access & exclusive bonuses!

Get ready for…

Expert guidance from highly qualified fitness/nutrition professionals, including your own “coach team” for support & accountability - our AFC family of 11 fitness coaches & 2 nutrition coaches will be accessible to you throughout the Challenge, available to answer your questions, support your journey, be your biggest cheerleaders, & make sure you succeed with the process of working towards your goals.

8 weeks of gym access, including unlimited fitness classes - open 7 days/week with 16 class options!
Private, interactive educational forum via Facebook group - one of the most valuable parts of the Challenge, where you'll learn how to take action to create healthier habits.
Actionable education on setting & achieving habit-based goals, including healthy eating ideas, strength training tips, & cardio endurance guidelines
Exclusive All Fit Challenge t-shirt & AFC sticker
2 single day guest passes to give to your family or friends
2 InBody scans to track body composition change
Discounts for personal training
And, drumroll please…
Over $1,400 worth of grand prizes, bonus prizes, & giveaways up for grabs!

Not sure if the All Fit Challenge is for you?

Here's a fun little quiz to help you figure that out!
If you fit 4 of the following 5 statements, then the All Fit Challenge is definitely for you…

Your body doesn't move like it used to and/or your joints feel achy.
You wish you ate healthier foods, but nutrition just seems complicated.
You feel more tired than you'd like; caffeine helps but doesn't feel like the answer.
You've tried diets and workout plans in the past, but they didn't actually help.
You have goals for a healthier YOU and you're just ready to feel better.

If you found yourself shaking your head “yes” to most of those, it sounds like it's time to make sure you're on the waitlist for the All Fit Challenge!

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