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Our trainers at AFC are equipped to create a specialized training experience just for you, to help you reach your goals. From athletes to our older population, to busy career people, we are ready to lead you to success.

Complete Athlete Program

To assess, train, and repeat to give athletes the best indication of preparedness for their sport to play at their highest potential while ensuring equal attention to injury mitigation. Performance and injury mitigation are individual to each athlete. Each athlete presents a different athletic history, different body types, and a different set of strengths and weaknesses. Assessing all of these prior to training is the ONLY way to see these and create training programs that reflect these findings. An athlete’s training should reflect their humanness, their sports, and translate to those specific gains. Having accurate and reliable means of testing and assessing all that goes into ensuring those qualities is the key to successful exercise program creation and long-term athlete management.

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Functional Range Assessment (FRA)

A nose to toes objective assessment of the athlete’s functional and usable range of motion at every joint. Passive and active ranges of motions are checked to better understand the athlete’s movement preparedness for their training and their sport. The assessment can determine whether more range of motion is needed or whether more strength and control is needed in the already adequate amount of range.
Athlete Performance Reading PA

G-Strength Testing

This device will measure maximal average isometric force from any movement and any muscle. It is small and portable and thus can be used to test any movement relevant to the athlete’s sport. It is also capable of measuring Rate of Force Development, the force produced in less than one second, a key indicator of athlete explosiveness and performance.
Athlete Performance Reading PA

Sprint Testing

We cut the guessing and errors out of measuring how fast an athlete is running with the G-Sprint laser sprint timers. Everyone knows speed kills on the field and court. Knowing if your athlete’s programs are actually making them faster is important to know so their time is not wasted. Your training should translate to sport-specific gains and accurate testing tools are the key to program management.
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Single and Repeat Vertical Jump Testing

Using the G-Flight device we can accurately measure vertical jump height, a key lower body performance factor. We can also measure their repeat jumping ability and Ground Contact Time (GCT), or their ability to elasticity get off the ground quickly. Explosive athletes do not spend a lot of time on the ground in between repeat efforts, they are quick and springy.
Alliance Fitness Center Reading, PA

Movement Velocity Assessment & Velocity Based Training

With the Vitruve device we are able to measure the velocity and speed of exercise movements. This is important for athlete performance because the faster an athlete can move weight, the more powerful and explosive they are. However, having an athlete just “feel” for their speed and guess when they are tired is inaccurate and overworking the individual. The device gives real time feedback on how fast the movement, is letting you know if you are actually training the power goal you prescribed and real time feedback of fatigue, so you know exactly when to stop the set and not risk overuse injury to the athlete. This leads to more quality work being done in less time and notable improvements in strength, power, and power endurance.

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